• Heat Stress in the Workplace

Heat Stress in the Workplace

Heat stress is a serious issue in the Australian workplace and can have serious health and safety implications from headache to potentially, death. 

During the summer months nearly all Australian workers will face dangerously hot conditions, while many others must deal year-round with the sun and its associated perils. Research has found that workplace accidents are highest in the summer months when injury rates increase along with hotter ambient temperatures.

Many workplaces have implemented measures to monitor potential heat stress threats using tools such as the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) and Thermal Work Limit (TWL) indices in an attempt to protect workers; however, such tools have limitations and must be used in conjunction with other protection measures. 

Those measures should include monitoring workers to guide the implementation of strategies to maintain their health, safety and performance. Managing worksite heat stress is also likely to lead to increased productivity through fewer accidents, injuries and less downtime.

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