Cooling apparel is designed to assist with Heat Stress prevention by promoting the body's thermoregulation. In warm or humid climates cooling is critical for many industries and has many benefits for worker performance. A cooler body improves the ability to sustain intensive workloads over long periods of time.

Cooler skin contributes to a number of physiological advantages:
  • Less cardiac output is directed toward the skin
  • A lower core body temperature
  • Delay the onset of dehydration

Battling heat stress in the workplace can be through prevention or treatment, and there is only one way to achieve them - by cooling down the body’s core temperature. An effective way of preventing heat stress is by wearing THORZT cooling apparel.

According to the research published on the International Journal of Occupational Safety, cooling apparel is highly effective in minimizing heat stress. On average, it reduces sweating by 13% and lowers heart rate by 10 bpm. This is proven through the usage of fire fighters.
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