• THORZT Fights Fire with Electrolytes

THORZT Fights Fire with Electrolytes


2 Weeks, 2 Deaths, 200 Homes & $156 Million Worth of Damage later, the State of Emergency in the wake of the NSW bushfires has finally been revoked. Sparked by the region’s hottest September since records began, and fuelled by one of the hottest and driest October’s since records began, the fires have been deemed the worst to hit the region in almost half a century!

Were it not for the courageous efforts of the professional and volunteer firefighters, the devastation could have been far worse. Throughout the ordeal THORZT reps hit the road donating boxes of THORZT electrolyte mix to the various brigades across NSW.

Encapsulated in heavy flame retardant clothing & exposed to extreme temperatures, firefighters can experience sweat losses exceeding 2.25L /hour. Such heavy sweat rates result in a high electrolytes losses as vital salts and minerals get excreted out through sweat glands at a rate much faster than they can be reabsorbed. Adding a shot of THORZT electrolyte powder to their water bottles helps firefighters rehydrate and restore the correct fluid:electrolyte balance necessary for optimal body operation. This helps them stay safe and alert, and ward off the threat of heat stress and fatigue.

A Year of Records

While the state of emergency may have been called off, we are not in the clear just yet. With hotter than average temperatures forecast for the entire October to December period, the risk remains high as NSW residents lie in wait for the northern monsoon. A delay in it’s arrival last year contributed to Australia’s hottest summer season since records began!

To date, 2013 has seen Australia’s hottest day, month and season, and now data monitoring by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology shows these records have now culminated in the hottest 12 month period on record, with each month consecutively recording hotter than average temperatures.

In summary, Australia is getting hotter and we all need to be prepared for the exhaustingly hot weather ahead. 

For industrial work sites, this means the provision of palatable fluids such as water and electrolytes drinks to combat heat stress and help workers stay healthy and hydrated.

For safety outlets, this means stocking up on products like electrolyte drinks, bottles, coolers, & cooling apparel, so that these supplies are readily available to meet customer demand when the heat hits hard.

To view the complete range of  THORZT hydration products, check out the products page of our website. If you are in charge of heat stress management on your work site visit this page to to see if you are eligible for a free on site product trial.