• Cooling Vest Now Available in Hi Vis Orange!

Cooling Vest Now Available in Hi Vis Orange!


Hi Vis Cooling Vests Regulate Body Temperature

Due to popular demand, the THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest is now available in High Vis Orange! It can be worn above or beneath your regular clothing to help regulate your core temperature and keep you cool when working in the heat.

Originally developed for professional athletes, cooling vests are becoming increasingly popular on Australian work sites. As such, the THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest in High Vis Orange has been specifically designed with the industrial athlete in mind.

How the Cooling Vest Works

Throughout the vest there are 12 strategically placed cooling panels, each containing copolymer cooling crystals. Submerged in water, these crystals transform into a gel like substance that expands, absorbing up to 500 times it’s weight in water. The gel takes on the temperature of it’s surrounding environment and can retain this temperature for exceptionally long periods of time.

Cooling Vest – Outer

The outside of the cooling vest is made from Coolmesh – a high performance Australian sports fabric. Coolmesh uses muti-filament moisture management technology that wicks moisture away from the skin where it evaporates, cooling your core and assisting in your body’s natural thermoregulation.

Cooling Vest – Inner

On the inside, the cooling vest is lined with 100% Australian Merino wool. Soft, gentle, and naturally odour and stain resistant, merino wool is the ideal fabric to be worn against sweaty, clammy skin. The natural elasticity of the wool fibres stretch and move with you, so it’s great for exercising or performing work that requires a lot of physical movement.

Wool fibres are also highly breathable and absorb moisture from the skin, reducing that sticky clammy feeling and helping you to stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Cooling Vest – Activation

To activate the vest you must first fully submerge it in water for about 10 to 15 minutes. As mentioned above these cooling crystals can expand to mega proportions, so make sure it’s no more than 15 minutes tops – after that the gel will just keep expanding and the panels could burst. After 10-15 minutes take it out and hang dry.

When it’s dry, put it in a bag and place it in the freezer for about 2 hours. Results will vary slightly depending your body temperature and external conditions but typically 2 hours in the freezer should get you about 2 hours wear on site. This is my favourite way to wear it as it’s nice and dry and goes comfortably over or under your work clothes without getting them wet.

But say your on the worksite and 2 hours just wont cut it? Not to worry, to reactivate the cooling vest simply submerge it in icey cold water for about 5-10 minutes, then wring it out and wear it while damp. This will give you about 30 or so glorious minutes at that temperature and on a 40 degree day that wetness provides added coolness and heat relief. You can reactivate the cooling vest as many times as you want throughout the work day.

The THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest is available in navy blue and hi vis orange in sizes medium to 4xl. For information on where YOU can buy the THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest, contact THORZT today.